AdoraBubble is the brainchild of three like-minded bubble tea devotees who want to spread the good word far and wide (let's just say, there's a reason our parent company is called Bubble Tea International), so please, join us in Ze Bubble

Tommy (The Bubble) King, Chief Executive

Tommy, once famed for playing the silver bubble, from Soho down to Brighton, comes to us with a wealth of experience in driving quick growth and rapid expansion. That means we'll be seeing you at a new AdoraBubble Tea outlet near you sooner rather than later. 

Tommy is passionate about the planet, one of the other strings to his bow is renewable energy, that's why we're aiming to be the only buble tea brand to be carbon neutral, ambitious Tommy.

Manus (Master Mixologist), Drinks Director

Alchemy is as nothing to this lad, everything he touches turns to gold. He’s the Flavor Flav of bubble tea, he is our preacher, and Adorabubble is his church. When Manus is in-the-mix, to taste is to convert. Amen!

Laura (Bubble Queen), HR Director

The brains of the outfit, and, no doubt, the beauty too. Laura brings a wealth of personnel and interpersonal experience with her from working in the retail and also the education sector. She also brings an international flavour, having worked in New York, London and Dubai. Get her! She's a dab-hand at crossing the Ts and dotting the Is, so that you can order your AdoraBubble Tea in Edinburgh or El Paso (when we get there), and it will be the same great quality and heavenly taste.